3 Things Personal Injury Attorneys in Chicago Routinely Tell Their Clients

by | Nov 1, 2023 | Legal Services


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You were not the cause of your injury, but it’s easy to tell who the responsible party happens to be. Along with focusing on recovering as much as possible, it’s important to seek compensation for the injury. That’s where hiring one of the personal injury attorneys in Chicago comes into the picture. Expect your attorney to provide lots of advice, including the following.

Complete disclosure to your legal counsel is a must. When your attorney urges you to tell all, do so. Don’t leave out any details, no matter how small or insignificant they may seem to you. Your legal counsel is in a better position to decide what’s relevant to the personal injury case, and what has no real impact.

While you will be counseled to share freely with the attorney, it’s equally important to avoid direct contact with the responsible party. Refer all attempts at communication to your legal counsel. What may seem like a harmless inquiry to you could be a fishing expedition aimed at finding something to transfer the fault for the injury to your shoulders.

Don’t be surprised if your legal counsel also urges discretion in discussing your injury and your case with anyone else. You never know who may be listening, or when an innocent remark can be twisted into something else. Discuss your state of health with your doctor, and your legal case with your attorney. Everyone else needs nothing more than vague responses.

There are other things that personal injury attorneys in Chicago tell their clients. All the advice is given as a means of protecting the client’s interests. Follow that advice, and the potential for complications to arise will be minimized.

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