A Workers’ Compensation Attorney in Tuscaloosa County, AL Can Offer The Legal Help That’s Needed

When someone’s been injured on the job, their first thought is that the employer will take care of them since it happened at work. The reality is most employers will fight a workers’ compensation claim. Employers do not want their insurance rates to increase and are sometimes concerned they may be investigated for safety issues. Workers’ compensation claims can cost companies thousands of dollars when an individual is seriously injured at work. A workers’ compensation attorney in Tuscaloosa County, AL will help an injured worker with filing their claim and make sure they don’t miss important deadlines that could jeopardize the claim. If the claim is denied, they can quickly file an appeal, protect the injured worker and negotiate the claim with the insurance company.

Injuries can occur through no fault of the employee. Products on the job can fail and create a dangerous situation to cause the injury. Negligent behavior on the part of a fellow coworker could result in another being injured. When an employee has been injured on the job, they should immediately contact their supervisor. If an employee goes home without making a report, there’s an opportunity for the employer to claim the injury was not on the job. After notifying a supervisor, the employee should immediately seek medical treatment. Most workers’ compensation medical visits will also result in a blood test for drugs or alcohol in the system of the employee.

There is a three-day waiting period in Alabama for temporary to total disability and compensation will begin covering a claim on the fourth day. If a disability is going to last for at least 21 days, the three-day waiting period will be added to the end of the benefit. Placing a claim with an employer can be very confusing and when a claim is denied, a workers’ compensation attorney in Tuscaloosa County, AL should definitely be involved. The attorney can receive more than 15% of the amount of the benefit given to the employee but there is no out of pocket fee unless the claim is settled. For assistance with a compensation claim, feel free to visit website.