Aspects to Understand Regarding Cases Handled by a Birth Injury Lawyer in Norwich, CT

by | Dec 15, 2017 | Lawyers


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Expecting a baby can cause a broad range of emotions, from anxiety and fear, to joyous exhilaration. One of the last things new parents want to hear is that their little child suffered an injury during the birth process. A birth injury lawyer in Norwich, CT is ready to represent parents dealing with this traumatic experience.

The Aspect of Negligence

Sometimes complications occur during labor or delivery. In other cases, negligence by medical staff members causes the injury. It’s important that a birth injury lawyer in Norwich, CT is able to establish negligence or carelessness. If the injury occurred because of actions that any reasonable doctor or nurse might make, this probably Could not be considered malpractice.

Examples of Consequences

Serious consequences can occur because of these situations. For example, many people with cerebral palsy are afflicted with this condition because of an injury that happened during pregnancy, labor or delivery. Lack of oxygen to the baby during delivery can result in disabilities.

Parents will need a great deal of assistance over the years to help their child live as normal a life as possible. Attorneys from an organization such as the Law Firm of Stephen M. Reck and Scott D. Camassar provide legal representation. Visit the website for information.

Medication Use During Pregnancy

A birth injury also may occur because of a prescription drug that the mother took while pregnant. Doctors should normally not prescribe medication that can harm unborn children unless there is a serious risk to the health of the mother, or even for the baby. For example, drugs prescribed for epilepsy have a small risk of harming a fetus. Yet if the mother stops taking medicine and suffers seizures, this could also harm the unborn baby.

In this type of case, the doctor is expected to inform the patient of possible harm that could occur. The doctor cannot be considered liable if they did explain the potential for birth defects to the patient and the mother continued to use the drug. Also, an obstetrician cannot be considered responsible if the patient was taking a prescription from another physician and never told the prenatal specialist she was doing so.

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