Assessing Steps For Managing A Dog Attack Case With A Personal Injury Law Firm In Nassau County, NY

In New York, pet owners must follow strict laws in relation to maintaining their pets. They are required by law to take action to prevent a dog attack. This requirement applies more specifically to dog breeds that are naturally aggressive. The following are steps for managing a dog attack case with a Personal Injury Law Firm Nassau County NY.

Medical Treatment and the Doctor’s Responsibilities

At any time that a patient seeks medical attention for a domesticated pet, the doctor must report the attack to the animal control officer. They must provide specific information about the attack including where the victim was bitten and how severe their injuries are. They must identify the pet owner and the type of animal involved in the attack.

The Animal Control Officer’s Role

The animal control officer provides a legal notification to the pet owner who must surrender the animal to a licensed vet for a quarantine period. They must also present the vet with all documentation for the animal’s vaccinations. The vet must assess the animal for any signs of rabies and aggressive behavior patterns. The vet keeps the animal for a period of up to twelve days and reports their findings to the animal control officer. The officer makes a determination based on the vet’s findings to determine if the animal is a threat to the public.

Identifying a Strict Liability

A strict liability comes into play if the animal has a history of violent behaviors or attacks. If the pet owner was aware of these events, they are held at a strict liability for the animal attack. Under New York state laws, a strict liability requires the pet owner to pay all medical costs, compensation for lost wages, and an award for pain and suffering.

In New York, pet owners must obey all laws that apply to owning and possessing domesticated animals. These laws require them to keep up to date records for their shots and maintain control of the animal to prevent injuries. Victims of animal attacks hire a Personal Injury Law Firm Nassau County NY by contacting the Law Office of Steven R. Smith or Click here for further details.