Concepts Managed by Landlord and Tenant Attorneys in Chicago

Illinois renters and rental property owners have protection under certain laws that enforce the terms of the contract when a lease agreement begins. These terms reflect what is expected by both parties and define the rights of each. Landlord and tenant attorneys in Chicago help these individuals manage disputes about the terms of these contracts through the legal process.

Fighting an Eviction

In most areas of Illinois, a rental property owner must provide a 30-day notice to any tenant living in their property. The terms of the lease may also extend this duration based on certain factors. If the tenant has paid their rental payments for an extended period upfront, they have a right to remain inside the property. If there is a dispute in relation to a violation of the property rules, the landlord must provide a refund of these payments.

Equally, if the tenant has made attempts to settle any financial disputes, they have the right to fight the evict. Under applicable laws, the landlord has the option to evict. However, in most cases, the tenant must be at least sixty to ninety days late on their rental payments.

Identifying the Liable Party After Property Damage Occurs

The cause of property damage defines what party is liable. For example, if the tenant causes damage directly, they are responsible for the cost of these repairs. However, if the damage is the result of a lack of maintenance or repairs, the property owner is liable. Additionally, any damage that was caused by a natural disaster or fire that wasn’t the fault of the tenant, the responsibility falls on the property owner.

Reviewing the Terms of the Lease

The exact terms of the lease define what party has the most legal rights in a dispute. The tenant must follow all guidelines and rules as stated in the agreement. On the other hand, the landlord must comply with any maintenance or repair requirements to prevent unwanted circumstances.

Illinois renters and property owners have the legal right to file a dispute in court. The nature of these disputes may originate from a failure to comply with the rental agreement. Any individual who needs to file a dispute should contact landlord and tenant attorneys in Chicago through Starr, Bejgiert, Zink, & Rowells today.