Why Couples Should Hire Divorce Lawyers in Angola, Indiana

by | Jul 20, 2017 | Attorneys


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In the Internet era, everyone’s a do-it-yourselfer. Whether it’s a bathroom renovation or a DIY divorce, there is an abundance of information explaining how to do the job without the help of a professional. However, those who try to do the job themselves can run into problems and end up regretting the decision. Below, readers can learn several signs that it’s time to call divorce lawyers in Angola, Indiana.

Child Custody Disputes

Having children changes a parent’s life forever, including the way divorce is approached. Children make the stakes even higher, and many couples end up in bitter custody fights. While some couples can negotiate amicably, it’s not the norm, and a lawyer can help keep things civil.

Significant Assets

Couples should hire lawyers if they have more than a few thousands in assets, especially if the marital home is at stake. In these situations, a lawyer can help a client make sense of the asset division process.

Co-Owned Businesses

When spouses own a business, it can make a divorce quite complicated. A local divorce attorney can navigate the case’s confusing details, and they can get help from consultants, appraisers and other financial industry witnesses.

Domestic Violence

The emotional dynamics that exist when a spouse abuses, intimidates and dominates the other make it impossible to communicate effectively. When getting a divorce, the abuser can easily bully the victim into a one-sided agreement if probate law in Angola, Indiana aren’t involved.


If spouses can’t get along, the chances of an amicable divorce are low. A divorce lawyer can help a client sort out his or her issues and protect their rights under Indiana law. With an attorney’s help, clients can avoid being short-changed by a vengeful ex-spouse.


Getting a divorce in Indiana requires a significant amount of paperwork, especially during the asset division phase. Some people are extremely organized, while others end up in a tangle of documents. An attorney knows which papers are necessary and how to obtain them.

Hiring a divorce lawyer is a good idea, whether a client wants conventional litigation or alternative dispute resolution methods. Speak with a lawyer from Yoder & Kraus to learn about available options.

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