Divorce Law Attorneys in Waldorf, MD Advise on Clients Understanding Divorce Law

by | Mar 25, 2016 | Lawyers


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Getting a divorce is never easy on any of the families involved. In addition to a separation of individuals, it also involves a separation of assets and debts. It includes how time with the children will be divided fairly. With all of this going on, it is impossible for either party in the divorce to think clearly. A party who will be able to represent the legal concerns of the divorcing person will be needed to gain the best possible outcome. There are divorce law attorneys in Waldorf MD who wants their clients to be well aware of the laws surrounding divorces in Maryland.

When filing for a divorce in Maryland, there are two types that a court will grant: limited divorce and absolute divorce. In the limited divorce, the couple still remains legally married, although they are living apart. Usually, purposes for a limited divorce are granted because grounds have not actually been established for an absolute divorce. Sometimes, it may also be that the courts have ordered a limited divorce even though the couple is seeking an absolute divorce. Under the limited divorce, one party may still seek spousal support, child support or child custody.

When grounds have been established for an absolute divorce, it means the marriage is permanently terminated. Both parties are free to remarry or move on with their lives as single individuals. Examples of grounds are adultery, desertion, cruel and harsh treatment, a separation of at least one year, with no sexual contact, and mutual consent. Rules for seeking either the absolute divorce of the limited divorce include residency requirements, and the establishment of one of the grounds that allow for divorce.

To get clarity on how to ensure that one can get a divorce, visiting and consulting with an attorney is the best way. Business Name have been offering the residents in the Waldorf, Maryland area their services for over 25 years. In addition to representation for divorce and family law, they also represent for worker’s compensation cases and personal injury. If looking for divorce law attorneys in Waldorf MD, go to their website at website url.

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