Don’t Represent Yourself When A Criminal Lawyer In Mount Vernon WA Is Available

by | May 16, 2016 | Lawyers


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Who should you call if you’ve been arrested for a crime? The first thought for many individuals is to contact a family member to bail them out of jail. Although that should be someone’s second call, their first call should be to a Criminal Lawyer in Mount Vernon WA. A lawyer may be able to get someone released on their own recognizance or have their bail reduced. An individual should never attempt to negotiate through the court system without the proper legal representation by an experienced criminal lawyer. It’s also important you don’t offer any information to the police except your name when you’re arrested.

If you contact a family member from jail, they will immediately inquire as to why you’ve been arrested. Anything that is said during the telephone conversation will be recorded and could be used against you in the future. Speaking with your cellmate or anyone within the jail could also be used against you in the future. The first call after an arrest should immediately be to a Criminal Lawyer in Mount Vernon WA. They can offer sound legal advice for crimes such as:

 *     Homicide

 *     Theft

 *     Drug Possession

 *     Robbery

 *     Burglary

 *     Assault

 *     DUI/DWI

 *     Appeals

 *     And many other criminal offenses.

Outstanding criminal legal representation begins when someone chooses and experienced criminal attorney. They will make sure you’re aware of any court hearings you must attend. They will also ensure that all necessary pleadings are filed with the court on a timely basis. Although some individuals may feel they can perform their own legal representation, there’s a good chance the outcome will not be favorable. Experienced criminal attorneys are familiar with the prosecutor in the case and how the judge may view various pieces of evidence. They’re also aware of the proper legal procedures for arresting an individual and what type of evidence is admissible.

Don’t leave your future in anyone else’s hands other than Corbin T. Volluz. He has years of experience defending individuals that have been arrested in the area. He will fight for an individual’s rights and will offer sound legal advice for the best possible outcome of the case.

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