Evaluating Laws With A Premises Liability Lawyer In Live Oak, FL

In Florida, property owners are required by law to mitigate risks that could produce a visitor-related injury. The risks include but are not limited to building code violations, OSHA violations, and the mismanagement of hazards during business hours. A Premises Liability Lawyer in Live Oak FL helps victims evaluate the law based on conditions that apply to their cases.

Defining Negligence of a Business Establishment

A premises liability is defined under state statute 768.0755. According to the laws, the business owner must have constructive or actual knowledge of the hazard. When proving constructive knowledge, the condition must exist for a length of time during which the owner couldn’t have overlooked it. The condition must be a hazard that would have been noticed during regular inspections.

Warnings Visitors of Possible Hazards

The establishment owner must warn visitors of any possible hazards in the building. Signs are a necessary part of mitigating common risks. Areas of the establishment where property damage has occurred must be barricaded to prevent injuries. Wet or damp flooring requires a warning sign to prevent slip and fall injuries. The signs are needed when employees are cleaning the flooring and as visitors track rainwater into the property. Without the warnings, the establishment owner is liable.

What Parties are Considered Business Invitees?

Any individual who is classified as a business invitee is owed a specific level of care or a duty. The parties could include but are not limited to customers, repair services, utility workers, and business associates. The individuals have the right to enter the property and/or were invited to the property by the owner.

What Conditions Prevent a Victim from Filing a Claim?

Any criminal acts such as a break-in, trespassing, or vandalism could prevent the victim from filing a claim. Under state laws, if the defendant can prove the victim broke the law, the establishment owner isn’t liable for the victim’s injuries.

In Florida, establishment owners are liable for any injuries that are produced due to serious hazards. In a legal claim, a victim must prove that the owner was aware of the hazard and failed to do anything to correct it. The laws outline circumstances that apply to the hazards. Victims who were injured can contact a Premises Liability Lawyer in Live Oak FL by visiting Northfloridaautoaccidentlawyer.com right now.