Going to Secretary of State Hearings in Chicago with Legal Counsel

Convincing a judge to give back your driver’s license can be a proverbial uphill battle. You must show the judge that you do not pose a hazard to other motorists and pedestrians on the street. You also must prove that you have learned your lesson and will not commit the same offense for which your license was initially revoked.

Rather than argue for yourself in court, you can make a better case by hiring a lawyer to argue for you. These reasons are some for retaining legal counsel before appearing in one of the Secretary of State hearings in Chicago.

Providing Solid Evidence

Your oral arguments may not be enough to convince a judge to give back your license. You may need to show ample proof of your reformed behavior and commitment to drive better in the future.

Your lawyer can present to the court evidence of your driving reformation. This evidence can take the form of certificates of completion of rehab and safe driving programs. He or she can also have your doctor, therapist or teacher testify that you will not pose a hazard to the roadways in the future.

Having a lawyer argue for you can convince the judge to side in your favor. Judges often prefer to hear arguments from lawyers rather than laypeople. You can find out more about the Secretary of State hearings in Chicago by contacting Johnson & Goldrich, PC.