How a Divorce Attorney Can Help Your Case

by | Feb 7, 2019 | Divorce Attorney


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Once you or your spouse has filed for divorce, you may be ready to finalize it and move on with your life. The process can often become complicated and messy due to the division of assets, child custody and alimony. If you want to know how a divorce attorney can help your case, there are a few main facts to understand.

Explain Property Division

Although divorcing when you share assets with your spouse can become complicated, a legal professional can explain property division upon the dissolution of the marriage. Each party may have accumulated certain items before they entered the marriage, which can be protected if a pre- or postnuptial agreement was signed. The divorce attorney in Hollywood, FL, will inform you if the state you live in is a community property state or equitable distribution state, which affects the outcome of how everything is divided.

Creating a Debt Repayment Plan

Any debt you or your spouse accumulated during your marriage is shared and needs to be repaid. You’ll both be responsible for paying off the debt, and a divorce attorney in Hollywood, FL, can assist you with creating a debt repayment plan to make the process fair and straightforward. The attorney will also inform you if only one party is responsible for repaying the debt, which can allow you to protect yourself.

Offer Objective Advice

A divorce attorney in Hollywood, FL, can provide you with objective advice after they obtain all of the facts and details of your case. Whether you’re seeking spousal support or child custody, they’ll inform you of your rights while making it less emotional. The legal professional can also act as the middleman between you and your spouse to ensure you don’t have to have direct contact with your ex.

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