Let A Trucking Accidents Lawyer In Grand Rapids MI Fight For A Fair Settlement

It is hard to give up control to someone else to solve a financial crisis after a serious trucking accident. Serious injuries, pain, and disbelief of the accident can be overwhelming for many victims. The best thing a victim can do is contact a Trucking Accidents Lawyer in Grand Rapids MI as soon as possible.

A truck accident attorney understands the pain, suffering, and heartache a victim is going through. They will be empathetic to a victim and a fighter against the insurance company. The attorney will work diligently on a victim’s behalf to receive the compensation they deserve for their injuries.

Settling A Case Alone

Victims will find out the hard way of settling with an insurance company is tricky business. The insurance company will attempt to make the victim believe their case is worth less and tell the victim they cannot offer them any more money. An attorney will never be able to tell a victim exactly what their case is worth, but they can provide them with an estimate.

What Is Important?

The most important aspect of a trucking accident is preserving the evidence in the case. When an attorney is hired, they will protect the evidence, so the negligent trucking company does not destroy the evidence. The logbooks and maintenance records are key to the cause of an accident. Another piece of evidence is the black box in the truck to determine the speed and braking of the truck.


A victim is entitled to receive payment for their lost wages because of the accident. Payment for medical bills, pain, suffering, and much more can be financially compensated to the victim. A Trucking Accidents Lawyer in Grand Rapids MI can thoroughly explain their plan of action and will immediately begin protecting a victim’s rights.

If an individual passed away due to the injuries they received, family members would be entitled to file a wrongful death lawsuit. This type of case is similar to a personal injury case, except the compensation will be disbursed to the estate or specific family members.

There is no need to let a trucking accident financially destroy your life forever. Contact the Bleakley Law Offices P C today.