Ways an Estate Planning Lawyer in Moline, IL Could Help a Family

by | Oct 11, 2022 | Lawyers and Law Firms


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Estate planning is much more than deciding which assets to leave to which children. Ideally, an estate plan will make the probate process much easier and allow loved ones to get the property their friend or family member wanted them to have. An Estate Planning Lawyer Moline, IL residents trust could help a family create a plan that ensures their clients have control over what happens to their assets after they die.

Some assets can be transferred without involvement from the probate court. These include bank accounts, employer-sponsored retirement savings accounts, and individual retirement accounts. Property that is held by the deceased person along with their spouse with joint survivorship rights also transfers seamlessly after death. However, in order for other funds, real estate and personal property to be legally transferred, it must either be included in a trust or settled through probate court.

Most people want to avoid probate court whenever possible. With the assistance of an Estate Planning Lawyer Moline, IL residents might be able to achieve this. Depending on the amount and type of assets a person has when they consult with their attorney to set up a plan, there may be options available that can help them relieve their family of the stress of probate court.

When probate court is necessary, it’s important for the family to work with an attorney who knew their loved one and who can help them settle their estate in the shortest time frame possible. Anyone who doesn’t have an estate plan can browse the website to learn more about what documents they should include in their plan to protect their assets as well as their family.

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