What Steps Should Be Taken When Filing for Workers’ Compensation?

Most employers are required by law to carry workers’ compensation insurance for their employees. If an employee gets hurt on the job, they can file for benefits and receive pay and medical insurance until they are able to return to work. While this insurance is supposed to benefit workers, many injured people are denied when they try to file. Some companies use unfair tactics to try and avoid paying on a claim. Should a person experience difficulty in being approved for the benefits they deserve, they have the right to hire a lawyer to help them with the process.

The first step when filing for workers’ compensation is for the injured worker to report their injury to their employer. The employer is responsible for filing the claim with their insurance company so it is important the worker reports their injury as soon as they can to avoid delays in receiving their benefits. Once this has been reported, the insurance company has two weeks to review the claim and make a determination on accepting it or denying it.

Before the insurance company will approve a claim, they will often require an injured worker to be examined by a company doctor. Some companies will also require a person to go through drug and alcohol testing to ensure these were not factors in causing the injury. Once the injured worker has complied with all of the requests of the insurance company, they will make their final determination.
Thankfully, injured workers are protected should they receive an unfair denial of benefits. A lawyer can help a person appeal the insurance company’s decision so a hearing can take place. It is especially important a person is represented by a lawyer if they must appeal.

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