Why Hiring a Workers Compensation Lawyer in Ottawa County Makes Sense

by | Aug 12, 2016 | Lawyers


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When an employee is injured on the job, there’s sometimes the perception that the insurance will kick in, and the benefits will commence without question. While that happens in some cases, the more likely scenario is that it will take some type of legal support to ensure things move forward at a reasonable pace. Here are a few of the reasons why an injured employee will want to hire a Workers Compensation Lawyer in Ottawa County as quickly as possible.

Dealing with Legal Matters

One of the perks of having a Workers Compensation Lawyer in Ottawa County on the case is that the injured party can focus more on getting the medical care needed to recover or at least learn how to live with a permanent disability. This is harder to do when there is the need to deal with the paperwork and the phone calls from the insurance company that provides the worker’s compensation coverage. Since all legal matters can be referred to the attorney, the client has one point of contact to deal with while undergoing treatments and physical therapy.

Preventing Delays With the Compensation

While some insurance providers will commence with payments quickly, others will look for ways to shift part of the blame for the workplace accident to the employee. This can take the form of asking leading questions ensuring responses that can be interpreted in more than one way. If those questions are filtered through a lawyer first, the potential of the client saying something that could open the door to shifting part of the blame and providing the basis for a reduced benefit is eliminated.

Pursuing the Case

If the claim for benefits is denied, the lawyer will know how to pursue the case. That includes taking the matter to court if necessary. Rest assured the lawyer will use every legal precedent and law to fight for the compensation that the client deserves.

If any injury recently occurred in the workplace, there’s no point in hoping everything will work out well. Visit Bleakley Law Offices P C today and talk with a lawyer who can protect the interests of the client and ensure that everything progresses in full compliance with current laws.

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