How to Get Help From the Workers Comp Lawyers in Melbourne FL

Workers compensation laws were put into place to protect the rights of injured workers and ensure they receive the wage replacement and medical benefits they deserved. Unfortunately, injured workers are often denied or given less compensation than they should receive. When this happens, they have a right to hire the Workers Comp Lawyers in Melbourne, FL. Getting help from an injury lawyer will guide the injured worker into making decisions that will benefit their claims process.

How to Get Started

The first step an injured worker needs to take is to make sure they report their injury to their employer. Most states allow thirty days for the report to be made, but waiting too long can bring on problems. Once the report has been made, the employer and their insurance company typically have around 21 days to make a decision. If the claim is denied, the insurance company must inform the injured worker in writing, so they are aware of the reason.

If a worker feels they are being treated unfairly or their claim has been denied, seeking the Workers Comp Lawyers in Melbourne, FL is important. The sooner the lawyer is on the case, the better the negotiation process will proceed. Employers and their insurance companies are typically going to be fairer when they know a lawyer is one the case.

Why Seek Help From a Lawyer?

Minor work injuries rarely require legal intervention. When serious injuries have occurred, requiring larger payouts, insurance companies and employers are more likely to be unfair. Using unfair tactics, they will work to reduce what is paid out or deny the claim altogether.

Hiring a lawyer allows the injured worker to focus on their recovery while their lawyer works on all of the legal steps. Getting help from a lawyer offers great peace of mind in the process of settling a worker’s comp case.

If you have been injured on the job and are not being treated fairly, there is legal help available. For more information, call the office of Matheson & Horowitz. Allow them to schedule your appointment to get started right away.