5 Areas Where Trucking Accident Attorneys in Lancaster Can Help Clients

by | Sep 7, 2016 | Lawyers and Law Firms


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When an accident involves a large truck, there is a higher potential for serious injury or even death. Injury lawsuits involving commercial trucks may require additional or different legal considerations than other automobile accidents, meaning that a person should hire a truck accident attorney. Below, readers will learn five areas where trucking accident attorneys in Lancaster can help them document injuries and prove another party’s liability.

Determining Liability

The at-fault person or company may be the most vital factor in a lawsuit. A truck accident lawyer will know how to prove liability or, in cases where parties share the blame, how the victim may still recover for a portion of his or her damages.

Using the Discovery Process

In the discovery phase, both sides make required disclosures of documents and facts pertaining to a case. A truck accident lawyer will know how to use requests for admission, depositions, and other queries to get the information needed to win a case.

Negotiating With Other Parties

Most personal injury claims are settled out of court without the need for a trial. An attorney can negotiate with the at-fault party for an appropriate settlement, and they can tell clients whether to accept an offer or wait for a better one to come along.

Find Potential Defendants

In most commercial trucking accidents, there are several defendants including the driver, the trucking company, and their insurer. Trucking Accident Attorneys in Lancaster know which parties might share responsibility for a person’s injuries.

Know Specific Laws

There are numerous regulations and laws specific to commercial trucking such as those on rest requirements, driver’s licensing, truck maintenance, and maximum weight hauled. These laws often affect a defendant’s liability in an accident, but a truck accident attorney will know how to apply federal and state laws to the case.

Trucking accidents can leave a victim with lifelong effects and, in many cases, more than one party is responsible for a person’s injuries. While every case is different, an attorney can use each case’s facts to provide solid legal advice. To learn more about trucking accident liability, visit Handler Henning & Rosenberg LLP today.

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