A Motor Vehicle Accident Lawyer in Warrenton, VA Tells Clients Things to be Aware of

by | Dec 21, 2016 | Accident Attorneys


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Traffic accidents are common occurrences in almost every city daily. Some accidents end in injuries and property damage. Some end in fatalities. In Virginia, there were 753 fatalities resulting from a traffic accident. Also in that year, there were over 65,000 people injured in automobile accidents. These numbers are alarming and suggest that a lot of people end up filing lawsuits as a result of being injured. There is a motor vehicle accident lawyer in Warrenton VA who takes the cases of clients involved in traffic accidents. These are some things of which clients should be aware.

The first thing the client should be aware of is how much time is allotted to file a lawsuit if injured due to the automobile accident. In Virginia, this time limit is two years from the date of the injury. If the client fails to file within that time, he or she loses any opportunity to collect damages from the accident. It is imperative to move as quickly as possible. Meanwhile, there are things that must be done as soon as the accident occurs.

It is important to remember never to leave the scene of the traffic accident. Wait until the police arrive, and all pertinent information is given and exchanged. If possible, help ensure that no other parties involved in the accident are severely hurt or killed. Information that should be exchanged includes the name, address and a point of contact, driver’s license number, license plate numbers of all vehicles involved, and the exchange of automobile insurance information. If able, pictures may be taken at the time to help refresh the memory later on.

Afterward, contact an attorney experienced in traffic accident law. Gayheart & Willis are attorneys who have been providing legal solutions for those in traffic accidents for over four decades. In addition to personal injury and automobile accident cases, they also practice in the areas of domestic relations, criminal law, real estate law, estate planning and business law. Whatever the legal issues are, they offer their clients their legal advice. If any are interested in a Motor Vehicle Accident Lawyer in Warrenton VA, they are available. Visit their website.

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