Good Reasons to Work with a Mediation Attorney in Gonzales, LA to Resolve Disputes

The American legal system is notorious for moving slowly, but not every dispute needs to be resolved in court. Mediation often proves to be a more attractive option, even in cases that are fairly contentious and complicated.

Working with a mediation attorney in Gonzales, LA can be one of the best ways to arrive at a mutually satisfying result. There are some reasons to consider having an attorney mediate a dispute instead of going to court.

Mediation Can Easily Prove Superior to the Alternatives

Mediation has become increasingly common in recent years, and not just because of the personal preferences of parties to disputes. In more and more cases today, judges insist that those involved make use of mediation to try to resolve their differences.

There are good reasons to prefer mediation to lawsuits, and many times both parties will benefit from choosing this option. Some of the most common reasons to work with a mediation attorney in Gonzales, LA include:

  • Speed – It can take months for even a moderately complex lawsuit to be resolved, and delays can be pretty costly. When one party submits a filing to a court, the other will normally be given a fair amount of time to respond. The back and forth that results consumes time without providing much, if anything, of value in return. Mediation, by contrast, tends to be far more responsive and streamlined, making for a quicker resolution in many cases.
  • Cost – Every hour an attorney spends working on a case will normally have to be paid for in some fashion or another. The fact that mediation typically requires a lot less legal work helps keep costs down for all involved parties. That can end up making a large difference in matters ranging from divorce to business disputes.

A Realistic, Viable Option in Many Cases

Contact us to find out why mediation is appropriate to many matters that might otherwise end up being resolved in court. Choosing mediation instead of a lawsuit will often make more sense for all those involved. While not every dispute can be settled through mediation, the historical record of success is an impressive one.