Hire Premises Liability Lawyers in Glendale AZ for Slip and Falls and Other Injuries

by | Apr 18, 2017 | Lawyers


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In premises liability cases, victims and their Premises Liability Lawyers in Glendale AZ must prove a property owner’s negligence in failing to fulfill a duty of care. A plaintiff must show that the defendant failed to warn about or correct a dangerous condition of which they should reasonably have been aware. Different types of evidence can prove that a dangerous condition existed and that the property owner was responsible for a victim’s injuries.

Negligence Per Se

In some instances, a certain legal doctrine can serve as a shortcut to help injured victims prove a defendant’s negligence. Known as negligence per se, this doctrine holds that an act is inherently negligent if it violates state law. Plaintiffs should understand it so they and their attorneys can determine whether the doctrine applies to a particular case.

Premises Liability Case Types

Different kinds of personal injury claims can be classed as premises liability cases, such as:

Slip and fall

Inadequate maintenance of premises

Insufficient security

Escalator and elevator accidents

Animal attacks

Accidents in swimming pools

Theme park accidents



Toxic chemicals

As is evident, these cases can include a diverse range of scenarios. Even dog bites fall under the premises liability classification because they involve unsafe conditions on another person’s property.

A Premises Owner’s Limited Duties

While many jurisdictions require property owners to exercise care in maintenance and ownership with regards to anyone who may enter, others still apply old rules that limit the owner’s liability depending on a visitor’s status. Because such rules can be very complex and they vary by location, victims should consult Premises Liability Lawyers in Glendale AZ if they have concerns or questions.

Case Examples

• Slip and fall: These are some of the most straightforward cases as they happen when someone slips and falls on another person’s property.

Inadequate security: Such cases typically arise in offices and apartments. Owners of buildings must take reasonable actions to secure the premises.

Pool accidents: These cases often involve children and unsecured or unsupervised access to a pool. For such reasons, many municipalities have laws requiring fencing and locks for swimming pools.

While some premises liability cases are simple, others can get quite complex. Every case is different, and results aren’t guaranteed. However, an attorney with the Garrison Law Firm can explain a client’s legal options and increase his or her chances of a favorable outcome.

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