Injured on the Job? Hire an Attorney With a Focus on Worker Compensation Law in Troy, MI

Worker’s compensation insurance provides medical benefits and financial assistance to those who are hurt on the job. As much as some would like to handle their own work injury claims, it can be difficult to deal with insurance adjusters and others. With the help of an attorney practicing Worker Compensation Law in Troy MI, injured workers can get the compensation they deserve. Below is a list of reasons to hire a worker’s compensation lawyer after a workplace injury.

Attorneys Protect Clients’ Rights

When a worker tries to handle his or her own claim, they may not know their legal rights. An adjuster may tell the worker the claim has no merit when it actually does. However, an attorney can work with the adjuster to ensure the client is treated fairly.

Case Evaluation

It can be difficult to know how much a case is worth. Every case is unique, and it does no good to rely on past cases to determine a current case’s value. With an attorney’s knowledge of worker’s compensation law, they can assess the value of an injury case. Lawyers can provide recommendations during the settlement process to ensure the client gets the compensation they need.

Ensuring a Fair Settlement

With Worker Compensation Law in Troy MI, one of the biggest variables is the worker’s weekly wage. The average weekly wage determines how much compensation the victim gets when they’re out of work. If the insurer under-evaluates the weekly wage, the victim could lose a significant amount of income. Hiring an attorney can help a victim ensure they get the right amount of compensation when they can’t work because of an injury.

Determining Third-Party Liabilitya

If an injury occurred because of an employer or coworker’s negligence, the victim may be able to file a civil claim in addition to the worker’s comp case. Victims don’t have to choose one or the other, but they need the help of an attorney who can determine the extent of the third party’s liability.

Workplace injuries can be devastating, and some have lifelong effects. If a person is injured on the job and they don’t want to handle the claim without help, they can visit us to schedule a free consultation.