Why a Tulsa Social Security Lawyer Should Handle Your Claim

by | Sep 22, 2016 | maximizelegal


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In Oklahoma, claimants who file for social security must provide clear information about their condition. They need conclusive medical evidence that shows an inability to work in any industry and, consequently, of their inability to support themselves financially due to this condition. A Tulsa Social Security lawyer helps claimants who file for disability and are denied.

What to Expect After the Initial Application

Oklahoma disability claimants can expect a twenty-eight percent success rate of approval. In the initial stages, the Social Security Administration approves the claims based only on standard requirements. Once they approve it, the Disability Determination Division reviews it more thoroughly. The findings of their assessment indicate whether or not their medical condition qualifies them for Social Security disability benefits.

Managing the Disability Hearing

After they are denied, the claimant hires an attorney. The initial success rate of awards at the hearing stage is reduced to nine percent without an attorney. These statistics are based on a reconsideration by the Disability Determination Division. However, an attorney acquires a hearing for the case, which will provide them with access to a judge who renders the decision. The attorney provides additional evidence with the claim to support their case.

Protecting the Claimant’s Rights

Under disability laws, all claimants have the right to a hearing if they are denied benefits. These laws also require the Disability Determination Division to provide full disclosure for the reason the claim was denied. The attorney reviews this reason and coordinates the new case to prevent an additional denial when possible.

Social security laws protect individuals with qualified conditions. The guidelines are clear in terms of identifying these conditions. They must present the applicant with a mental or physical inability to work. If the agency denies an application for a qualifying condition, they have violated the applicant’s rights.

In Oklahoma, claimants file an initial application to secure disability benefits. These benefits provide them with funds to support themselves finally each month based on the type of benefits secured. Claimants who were denied and need to hire a Tulsa Social Security lawyer should visit website.com for further details today.

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