6 Reasons to Hire a Family Law Lawyer in Cincinnati, OH

by | Jan 2, 2018 | Lawyers


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When couples go through a divorce, it’s important for each person to hire a lawyer for help with negotiations and legal paperwork. However, it’s important to choose carefully. Those involved in divorce proceedings need the experience a Family Law Lawyer in Cincinnati OH can provide. Below are a few reasons to hire a family lawyer during a divorce.

Fair, Objective Advice

Even for the person initiating the divorce, there may be significant emotional upheaval about the matter. When emotion takes over, it’s easy to make snap decisions that can have lasting consequences. An attorney can offer experience and fact-based advice on divorce, and they can prevent a client from accepting a resolution that leaves them at a parenting or financial disadvantage.

Access to Consultants

In a contentious divorce, advice and testimony from appraisers, doctors, and investment consultants may be needed. An experienced family lawyer may have contact with some of these professionals, and they can find the right person to lend credibility and authority to a case.

Courtroom Knowledge

In litigation, there’s no substitute for experience. A Family Law Lawyer in Cincinnati OH spends a significant portion of his or her career litigating divorce cases, and this experience gives them insight into the tactics used by opposing lawyers and judges. While most cases settle, some do go to court and, in those instances, it’s important to have help from an attorney.

Familiarity With the Opposition

Most family lawyers have professional relationships with opposing counsel. An experienced lawyer can use his or her contacts to work with the other party’s attorney to arrive at an equitable, fair settlement.

Alternatives to Court

A family lawyer can advise a client on whether mediation or another alternative may work. Mediation can save spouses the expense, aggravation, and time of a conventional divorce proceeding. During mediation, the facilitator helps guide spouses to a fair, amicable resolution. This option is not for everyone, but many couples use it to end a marriage without acrimony.


Family lawyers know how tough a divorce can be, especially where finances are concerned. A family attorney may charge a lower rate than another lawyer, and they may be willing to make payment arrangements with clients.

A divorce is a stressful event even under the best circumstances, but hiring a Cincinnati family lawyer can make things easier. For more information or to schedule a consultation, visit website today.

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