A Child Custody Lawyer in Chandler, AZ Helps When One Parent Tries to Restrict Visitation Time

by | Dec 1, 2016 | Lawyers


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Parental alienation can occur when a mother or father attempts to create emotional and physical distance between the other parent and the children. The mother or father can use numerous tactics in this effort. There may be ongoing disruptions in the visitation schedule, for example. The person wanting to create alienation may make critical or belittling remarks about the other parent in front of the kids. These manipulative strategies can be very effective. Eventually, the children may no longer want to spend time with Mom or Dad. A child custody lawyer in Chandler, AZ can help when a parent realizes this type of situation is occurring.

The primary custodial parent may use insidious methods to undermine visitation. For instance, they may claim that a youngster is busy with a friend’s birthday party or has made plans to stay overnight at a friend’s home. Subtler methods include being late for visitation drop-off and early for pick-up. The person with primary custody may not tell the other about the children’s extracurricular activities that should be shared as co-parents. Psychological tactics can be used as well. For instance, the child may be told about a fun activity that they could participate in except for the fact that visitation is scheduled during that time. This makes the youngster feel upset about having to stick with the visitation calendar.

The other parent may not want to cause further acrimony by hiring a child custody lawyer in Chandler, AZ, but sometimes there is another effective way to stop that continual chipping away at visitation time. Legal action also should convince the custodial parent to stop making negative remarks about the other one or to falsely imply characteristics such as incompetence or a lack of love for the children. Having legal representation from an organization such as The law firm of Janet R. Feeley, L.L.C. makes it clear that the custodial parent is not allowed to restrict visitation time since that time is mandated by the court. Family courts strongly encourage co-parenting as much as possible and for both to be fully involved in the lives of their children. Click here for information on this particular organization.

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