The Accident Attorney in Ottawa County Warns Against Distracted Driving

There is a growing epidemic across the country and even around the world. Distracted driving is leading to more and more accidents and measures taken by federal and state authorities do not seem to be making a difference. According to the AAA Foundation For Traffic Safety, 16% of all crashes involving fatalities were caused by a distracted driver. Electronic devices are the most common reason for distractions, and the Accident Attorney in Ottawa County wants to warn drivers to take precautions, so they do not end up causing serious injuries or even death.

According to AAA, around 5,000 deaths occur each year as a result of distracted driving. Even though authorities have attempted to put strict laws in place, drivers continue to text and surf the Internet while they should be fully focused on the road. The Accident Attorney in Ottawa County sees victims who have been injured by distracted drivers on a regular basis. Some individuals are so severely injured they cannot return to their normal routine or even their job.

When a person has become the victim of a serious accident caused by a distracted driver, they can hold that driver accountable for the injuries and damages they caused. Injured victims can pursue a driver for their medical bills, pain and suffering, vehicle repairs, lost wages, ongoing medical care, and many other areas, depending on the severity and type of injuries they suffered.

Working with an attorney allows an injured victim to have the guidance they need as they deal with the other driver’s insurance company and their own. Attempting to pursue the insurance company can be difficult. Those who hire an attorney typically end up receiving a greater settlement than those who go it alone. An attorney is especially important if a victim needs to go to court.

If you have been seriously injured in an auto accident, it is imperative you hire an attorney. Contact the office of Bleakley Law Offices P C and ask them to schedule you an appointment so they can help you with your claim. With the help of an attorney, you can rest assured your rights will be protected.