A DUI Defense Lawyer in Tyler TX Can Be Crucial for Avoiding Driver’s License Suspension

by | May 31, 2019 | Lawyers


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Being charged with driving under the influence of alcohol is an upsetting experience for several reasons. The individual typically feels embarrassed and worries about financial penalties. This person worries about the inconvenience of drivers license suspension and whether jail time is imminent. Hiring a DUI defense lawyer in Tyler TX can be crucial for preventing the worst consequences, since judges are allowed to impose more severe penalties than the minimum required by law.

Some individuals need to fight the charges because they drive for a living or have no other way to get to work. People with a commercial driver’s license are likely to lose the job if their license is suspended. With Vermont being characterized by rural areas and small towns, many residents must drive to their place of work. They don’t have access to public transportation and may have nobody else to rely on.

Vermont is unusual in that the state does not provide restricted driver’s licenses for trips to work and back, as is common among other states. In fact, some individuals decide to accept the consequences of a DUI conviction without realizing they won’t be allowed to have a work license. They’ve heard about other people convicted of DUI being able to drive to the job, but never realized this isn’t legal in Vermont. Some individuals continue to drive even after the license is suspended. If they are caught, this leads to even more serious penalties and a lengthier suspension time. A lawyer such as Holmes, Moore, Waldron, & Parrish P.L.L.C, can answer questions about relevant Vermont regulations in regard to DUI charges and conviction, and the impact on legal driving. Contact us for more information.

Some people charged with DUI are tempted to represent themselves in court, but there are problems with this strategy. The law is complex and the individual probably doesn’t understand many of the nuances. Defending oneself in court also can be very intimidating and lead to a negative impression on a judge. These are two reasons why having a DUI defense lawyer in Tyler TX for aggressive representation is advantageous. Like us at Facebook.

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