A DUI Lawyer in Suffolk County, NY Works the Law in Your Favor

There isn’t a disturbing scenario that any local police officer hasn’t witnessed first-hand when it comes to the antics of intoxicated drivers. Despite all the warnings not to get behind the wheel after drinking and even the driver services available for a person who is impaired, there is no stopping some individuals who clearly don’t heed this advice. There are numerous regrets however, that drunk drivers will attest to as a result of their hapless choices the morning after, but not enough for history to not repeat itself into infinity. From the heightened awareness initiated through the media in the 1980’s by Mothers Against Drunk Drivers to the many cop shows depicting crime scenes involving alcohol on reality TV, it looks like alcohol abuse is here to stay and the poor judgment calls that go along with the impulsive moves of the inebriated.

A DUI Lawyer in Suffolk County, NY could intervene on your behalf due to an arrest and poor judgment as a result of intoxication. Support is available to ensure your rights are maintained. The scenarios that get a drunk driver pulled over cannot only be dangerous and shocking but sometimes beyond explanation to the officers who encounter these citizens with their resulting impairments.

Take the 40 year old in Essex who was caught driving a pink toy Barbie car at a whopping 4 mph down the highway while intoxicated. How about the drunk man in Australia who was arrested while driving a motorized ice chest filled with beer on the motorway? Then there’s the intoxicated couple who demanded their inexperienced 13 year old son drive the family car while they made out in the back seat down a busy freeway. Though these cases can seem amusing to the spectator, they clearly hold the potential to be not only horridly entertaining but potentially deadly to innocent bystanders.

Contact Mitchell M. Shapiro, P.C. if you or someone you know has a drinking problem and needs the expedient help of a well-versed attorney. The intervention of a DUI lawyer in Suffolk County, NY after a night of partying could have the law working for you instead of against you.

Alcohol can incite a fun night out on the town for some but wreak havoc for others who are impaired and out of control. Seek the support of an experienced lawyer’s assistance now, it could literally save a life down the road.