A Guardianship Lawyer in Murrieta, CA Represents a Family Member When an Elderly Relative Needs Help

by | May 21, 2019 | Lawyers


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People hear a lot of talk about elderly people being taken advantage of by unscrupulous relatives and other acquaintances who steal their money. Some of these elderly individuals develop serious cognitive and memory problems that lead them to start making very unwise decisions about their savings and income.

A guardianship lawyer in Murrieta, CA can help a family member become the legal guardian of an elderly parent or other close relative. A power of attorney also may be granted, so the guardian has the legal right to pay bills and other relevant expenses from the person’s accounts.

A Suitable Candidate

The court must agree that the person applying to be the guardian is a suitable candidate. This typically means the individual must not have any felony convictions on the record, especially any related to money issues. Bankruptcy filings may cast a questionable light on the person’s ability to manage someone else’s finances.

Numerous Responsibilities

After a guardianship lawyer in Murrieta, CA has helped the client be appointed guardian, the person is likely to have numerous responsibilities besides paying bills and keeping track of finances. For instance, if the elderly person is still living in their home, the guardian may take over arranging for housekeeping and yard care services. Some money may be kept in the person’s checking account in case they need to buy some groceries or other items, which allows for at least a small amount of much-desired independence.

Decisions About Living Arrangements

Eventually, the older person may truly need to move to assisted living or a nursing home. The guardian is typically allowed to make this decision and the arrangements even if the senior citizen is totally against the idea. Usually, the move is for their safety and well-being.

Status Review

After guardianship has been acquired with assistance from an organization such as the Law Office of Michelle Penna, the status is reviewed at least once each year. If nothing questionable has occurred, the person is likely to be granted continued guardianship privileges and responsibilities as long as the elderly person needs this type of supervision. See website at the earliest convenience.

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