A Personal Injury Attorney in Vail Can Help Clients Avoid These Five Mistakes

by | Jun 22, 2016 | Personal Injury


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When a person is injured in an auto accident, they don’t want to deal with the intricacies of a personal injury claim. However, to make the claim successful, a plaintiff must take certain steps and avoid mistakes. Some of these errors can damage or negate a case, and they are listed below.

Not Calling the Police

If one is in a car accident, the first thing they should do is notify the authorities. By calling the police, an official investigation is started. If the person decides to file a claim later, the police report can help to prove fault. Those who don’t contact the police will have a harder time when they Contact Heckman & O’Connor for help in making a claim against the other driver.

Failure to Gather Info from Witnesses

At an accident scene, while the event is still fresh in everyone’s minds, it’s especially important to get witnesses’ contact information. By getting at least a phone number from each witness, the victim and their attorney can contact the person later to corroborate the claim. Without testimony from witnesses, insurance companies are likely to deny a claim and leave one with no compensation.

Giving a Recorded Statement Without an Attorney’s Advice

If a person gives a statement to the insurance company without first speaking to an attorney, there may be serious consequences. One can inadvertently minimize their injuries or admit guilt. Insurance adjusters know how to ask leading questions, which often undermine a case’s value. An accident victim should never speak to an adjuster without the presence of a personal injury attorney in Vail.

Not Repairing Damaged Property

If the other driver’s insurance company sends the victim a check to repair the damaged vehicle, that’s what the victim should do, no matter how tempting it may be to use the money for other purposes. In some instances, if repairs aren’t done, an insurer could argue that the person’s injuries weren’t that serious, and an injury claim could be barred.

Signing a Release

After an auto accident, victims sometimes believe they’re signing property damage waivers. However, in many cases, the document signed is a general release. If the person signs a release, they will not be allowed to file a claim for their injuries. One should not sign any kind of release without first speaking to a personal injury attorney in Vail.

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