Ending a Relationship with the Help of a Family Lawyer in Temecula

The time may come when a person needs to see a family lawyer in Temecula for assistance with a divorce. Although no one goes into a marriage planning for this eventuality, many relationships don’t last, for whatever reason. When this occurs, the person needs to ensure their rights are protected, and the attorney functions to make certain this is the case. It’s better to contact an attorney early in the process, and the Law Office of Michelle Penna can be of help.

When two parties decide to dissolve their partnership, numerous issues must be addressed. Spousal support is often a matter of contention, especially in cases in which one party has been unfaithful. The attorney works to ensure both parties can support themselves following the divorce, with or without support being paid, thus, legal guidance is needed in this area. Mediation may be used in this situation, and it may also be of help when working out the details of a legal separation or child support and custody matters. When a case cannot be resolved in this way, other options may be used.

In certain situations, a family lawyer in Temecula will recommend that a case goes before a judge, sidestepping other options. This typically occurs in cases involving domestic violence, as the attorney wants to ensure the abused party is treated fairly and isn’t subject to pressure from their abuser. Victims of abuse often wonder how they will be able to afford to take the abuser to court, yet matters such as these can be resolved also, as no one should be in a relationship that is harmful to them.

Simply click here to visit the website of Michelle Penna. Ms. Penna has been assisting clients with family law matters for more than 20 years now and will be happy to sit down with any person to discuss their options. Every decision made during a divorce will have a long-term impact on all parties involved, including any children in the relationship. Thus, one cannot be too careful when choosing an attorney. The goal is to avoid an expensive and prolonged court battle, one that can leave everyone scarred and unable to move forward with life. Contact the office today for a free consultation to know where you stand in this situation.