An Auto Accidents Attorney in Glendale AZ Can Advise Clients About How to Conduct Themselves

After a vehicle collision in which someone is injured, the future actions of that person can affect the amount of the settlement the insurer is willing to pay. Those actions may even affect whether an insurance company is willing to settle a claim or denies the claim altogether. An Auto Accidents Attorney in Glendale AZ can provide insight so this individual knows how to act appropriately while the case is begin negotiated.

A primary recommendation from an Auto Accidents Attorney in Glendale AZ is to avoid talking about the case with anybody except, perhaps, a spouse or immediate family member. The individual definitely should avoid posting photos and personal commentary on social media that could in any way have a negative effect on the case. Even if the person’s privacy settings are restrictive, that doesn’t mean an insurance company investigator can’t find a way in. Photos of the individual going to a party, taking a bike ride or even raking leaves could lead to skepticism that this person actually was seriously injured.

The person even must be careful about what he or she says to the medical doctor and nursing staff members on the case. Although it’s important for patients to be honest with their medical practitioners, comments from the patient are likely to be included in the notes. The insurance company may demand to review the entire patient file before making any settlement decisions. For the time being, it’s better for the injured person not to talk about engaging in any vigorous physical activities. In fact, it’s better to refrain from those types of activities for now until a settlement has been agreed upon.

Insurance companies may want to meet with the claimant in person. The individual may agree, although it’s better to have skilled legal representation along. During any meeting like this, the injured person should be personable and polite. The representative may be trying to gauge whether a judge or jury would find this person to be sympathetic or not. A combative attitude will not help. An attorney from an organization such as Garrison Law Firm provides advice on how the client should behave during depositions and other meetings.