Clients Should Tell Criminal Attorneys in Lincoln Park, NJ Everything They Know

by | Aug 12, 2016 | Lawyers


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If a person is facing criminal charges the best thing they can do is hiring a criminal lawyer for courtroom representation. Criminal attorneys in Lincoln Park, NJ can prepare and present defenses, but protecting the client’s rights is one of the attorney’s most important functions. Although no two situations are alike, clients should use this list as a guide to the things they should tell the criminal attorney with website

Criminal History

Although it seems elementary, many people conceal their criminal history from the defense attorney. Previous convictions can aggravate current offenses, causing the prosecutor to increase the punishment’s severity. By concealing this information, a client can prevent the attorney from negotiating a plea deal on their behalf.


If a person committed or participated in an offense and they know of a witness who can place them at the crime scene, they should tell the attorney to allow them to prepare accordingly.

Statements to Police

Hopefully, the client used their right to remain silent when the arrest occurred. However, if the person spoke to the police, they should tell the attorney everything they said. Everything a person says can be used against them, and the attorney should know what was said in order to limit the damage.

History with the Victim

If the victim is known to the defendant, the lawyer should know the nature of the relationship. The state will know the victim/defendant history, and it is important for the attorney to know just as much as the state knows in a criminal case.

Location of Incriminating Evidence

If the client knows of evidence that can potentially be used by the state, the attorney should know what and where the evidence is. Evidence can be found during police searches and seizures. This area can be complicated if the client knows of evidence not likely to be found, but the client may ask a hypothetical question to get the attorney’s opinion.

Every criminal case is different, and clients should be forthright with their attorneys. Failing to tell the lawyer important facts can ruin a person’s defense. If a client is in doubt, they should discuss the scenario with criminal attorneys in Lincoln Park, NJ.

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