An Experienced Family Law Lawyer In Tacoma WA Can Guide The Way

If someone’s facing a divorce, child custody dispute, child support problems, adoption, or paternity questions, they should contact a Family Law Lawyer in Tacoma WA. Failure to obtain experienced legal representation could result in an unfavorable outcome for a divorce settlement or lack of decision-making abilities for someone’s children. Family law is an emotionally intense area. Parents often don’t agree about what’s best for their children, and some parents don’t feel they should pay child support to the other spouse. Often times, threats are voiced to each other that makes the case even tougher.

Domestic violence can occur out of nowhere during a divorce proceeding or breakup of a relationship. A Family Law Lawyer in Tacoma WA should be notified immediately if there’s been domestic violence in the past or currently happening. There are criminal and civil cases that can be filed against a perpetrator of domestic violence. A domestic violence charge can prevent someone from owning a gun or having visitation with their children. Violation of a protection can result in jail time. A family law lawyer considers domestic violence a very serious concern for their client and will offer a variety of options to make their client as safe as possible.

If someone currently has a custody order and the other parent is refusing to let them see their child, a lawyer can help them obtain a different custody order or enforce the one they currently have. A parent should not violate a custody order by keeping their child from the other parent because they didn’t pay child support. The court will not agree with this type of behavior. The court will consider the best interest of the children in all of their custody decisions. If a parent has had a history of violence, drugs, or criminal convictions, this will be weighed into the decision of the court for visitation issues.

There’s never a reason to go through a family law proceeding alone when an experienced attorney can guide someone with sound legal advice. Individuals usually have better results in a family law matter when they receive the appropriate legal advice. For more information about family law, please visit website.