Bail Bonding Companies in Atlanta Help Men and Women Charged With DUI

by | Jan 15, 2020 | Lawyers


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Men and women who have never been stopped for driving under the influence of alcohol may not understand how the process works. They may know they’ll be taken to jail but they may assume they can simply call someone to pick them up. In Georgia, however, the law requires paying bail for release. The defendant may need help from one of the bail bonding companies in Atlanta if there isn’t enough cash for bail.

Setting of Bail

In Georgia DUI cases, bail is set by a judge instead of being automatically set on a bail schedule. The person is held at a pretrial detention center at least until bail is determined.

Cash Bail and Bail Bonds

Cash bail is refunded as long as the defendant appears in court as required. In contrast, a bail bond has a fee that is not refundable, but the person does not have to part with a large amount of cash for a time period that might last several months. The time frame could be as long as a year when someone chooses to fight the charge.

Bail Amounts

The bail amount for DUI varies depending on the circumstances. It would be relatively low for a first offense with blood alcohol content that is not extremely far above the legal limit for driving. Bail would be higher for multiple offenses or if the person caused an accident. In those cases, bail bonding companies in Atlanta may be particularly necessary. You can learn more at visit us website.

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