Criminal Lawyers in Fort Myers Help Those Charged With Federal Conspiracy Crimes Relating to Drug Sales

The act of distributing narcotics could be a state charge, but if the crime includes crossing state lines with the drugs, the arrested person could face criminal charges instead. In some cases, the person does not need ever to possess or try to sell the narcotics to be charged with a crime. Criminal Lawyers in Fort Myers help those who have been charged with federal conspiracy crimes for attempted drug trafficking.

What is Drug Trafficking? When is it a Federal Crime?

Drug trafficking is the sale of drugs to another person or many people. This is typically handled at the state level for criminal charges unless the person is accused of moving drugs across state lines or into the country from another country. When this is the case, the person could face federal charges for distributing narcotics or drug trafficking. In some cases, even if the federal government doesn’t have any proof the person sold drugs or moved them across state lines, the person could be charged with conspiracy to distribute narcotics.

What are Federal Conspiracy Charges?

Conspiracy charges are charges brought against those who are believed to have a plan to work together to commit a crime. With drug trafficking, this means the arrested persons are charged with planning to bring drugs across state lines or to sell them. The federal prosecutor does not need to prove they ever bought drugs, moved them across state lines or attempted to sell them. All that needs to be proved is that at least two people formed an agreement to do this and took at least one step toward putting the plan in motion.

This often means it’s easier for the prosecutor to obtain a conviction, even if they have no evidence of the person committing the crime. However, there are ways to fight these charges. The arrested person will need to work with a lawyer to learn more about how they can fight the charges they’re facing.

If you’ve been arrested and charged with federal conspiracy to distribute narcotics, you’ll want to speak with one of the Criminal Lawyers in Fort Myers as quickly as possible. Visit the website for the Law Office Of James W. Chandler P.A. now to learn more about how a lawyer can help you with these charges.