DWI Lawyer Cedar Rapids IA

All states have enhanced their impaired driving statutes in the past two decades. Iowa has clearly done their fair share and then some with reference to the “look back” period. While most states have increased the time for enhanced DWI penalties to 10 years, Iowa has actually moved to a 12-year span in which a subsequent charge can be prosecuted under harsher penalties.

The level of suspended driving privileges and fines hve been increased as well, not to mention the potential for significant fines. In addition, alcohol is not the only substance use while driving that can result in an impaired driving charge.

Any type of controlled substance used while driving can result in DWI charges as well, and there is no definitive level denoting assumption of intoxication as with alcohol. This is a very serious legal matter in Iowa that could have long-term impact, and it is always imperative to have an experienced DWI lawyer in Cedar Rapids, IA, handling your case.

Evidence Matters

The new focus on substances other than alcohol have made DWI charges more common for many drivers who take controlled substances on a prescribed basis. The fact that a defendant is prescribed certain medications does not mean they can operate a motor vehicle while taking them. However, there are certain rules pertaining to how this evidence can be obtained.

The same is true for contraband such as marijuana and cocaine as well. Defendants are often charged based on officer testimony when alcohol is not involved. Your DWI lawyer in Cedar Rapids, IA, can evaluate all case evidence for admissibility and question any officer with respect to their judgement when making the arrest.

Never assume an intoxicated driving charge is not a serious problem. Iowa residents should always call Jacobsen Johnson & Wiezorek PLC DWI lawyer in Cedar Rapids, IA, for comprehensive representation. You can also connect them on Facebook.