FAQs About An Animal Attack That A Personal Injury Lawyer In De Pere, WI Can Answer

by | Feb 7, 2017 | Lawyers


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In Wisconsin, all dog owners must follow strict precautions to protect their neighbors and other visitors from possible dog attacks. These precautions include following leash laws and regulations associated with outdoor enclosures that prevent dogs from running loose in the neighborhood. The following are FAQs about an animal attack that a Personal Injury Lawyer in De Pere WI can answer.

Who is Classified as a Victim in These Cases?

Typically, the victims include neighbors or service providers who were invited into the home. The laws also cover postal workers, utility meter readers, and any construction workers installing or repairing public fixtures around the property. They don’t include any home invaders or other parties that entered the property without permission or through the service requirements of their job.

How and Why are Quarantine Notices Issued?

When the victim goes to a hospital or private doctor, the attending doctor must report any animal attacks to the animal control officer. This officer will notify the dog owner through the mail or by visiting their home. The owner must provide a record of rabies vaccinations to this officer. If they don’t have proper vaccination records for the animal, the animal control officer issues a quarantine notice for the dog.

The dog owner must surrender the dog to their preferred vet for a period of twelve days. The vet must conduct an assessment of the dog to determine if it shows any signs of the rabies virus. They must also assess the dog for any aggressive behavior patterns. The vet’s findings are reported to animal control, and the officer must a final decision about the animal.

What is a Strict Liability?

This indicates that the owner knew that the dog was dangerous. The dog was involved in previous attacks, and the owner failed to follow necessary precautions. The owner will have to pay for all medical expenses and losses incurred by the victim.

In Wisconsin, all dog owners are required to follow strict laws pertaining to dogs and public safety. These laws are in place to prevent avoidable accidents that could lead to a fatality. Victims of these events contact a Personal Injury Lawyer in De Pere WI or Visit the Website for more details today.

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