Fighting For Child Custody With An Attorney In Manhattan, KS

by | Jan 14, 2016 | Lawyers


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Kansas parents may require adjustments or changes in child custody. These requirements must be addressed through the court. If at any time that the current custody arrangement is dangerous for the child, the parent must bring these actions to the attention of the court quickly. An Attorney In Manhattan KS helps these parents fight for their children.

Investigating Allegations of Child Abuse

The first step for allegations of child abuse is to launch an investigation. The local child protection services take action at any time that allegations are made. This begins with a meeting with the child and the parent making the allegations. A caseworker is assigned to the case to determine if there are any physical signs of child abuse. A medical assessment is conducted to make these determinations and collect evidence. Any sign of abuse leads to the removal of the child from the home.

Conducting a Home Study

The caseworker must visit the home in which abuse is alleged. They evaluate the living conditions of the child to determine if their needs are met by the parent. They determine if any additional children in the home are also victims of abuse. Once completed, the caseworker files a report with the court. If the child is in danger, the court may provide a temporary custody assignment to the opposing parent.

Reviewing the Lifestyle of Each Parent

The lifestyle of each parent is assessed by the court. The court uses these evaluations to determine if any behaviors are a risk to the child’s well-being. It also helps the court determine if the current custodial parent can support the child adequately without placing them in danger. If a temporary custody assignment occurs, the court schedules a hearing one year from the assignment date.

Kansas parents have the right to protect their child in dire circumstances. However, to achieve these goals they must follow the laws outlined by Kansas courts. They cannot remove the child from the home of the custodial parent without court involvement. Parents who need help should hire an Attorney Manhattan KS through the Oleen Law Firm or browse the website for additional information.

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