Following the Steps with an Adoption Attorney in Lake Land, FL

by | May 5, 2017 | Lawyers


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In Florida, many prospective parents seek adoption to achieve their dreams of becoming parents. Most probably, these individuals have exhausted all measures to become pregnant and have failed. Through adoption, they can become the parents of a newborn by following specific steps. The following is what an adoption attorney in Lake Land, FL can do to help them.

Securing a Contract

The first step after a child is selected is to secure a contract with the child’s mother. An adoption agency plays a part in helping prospective parents locate expectant mothers who wish to give their child up for adoption. Once all preliminary requirements are fulfilled, the adoption agency draws up a contract, which the attorney then reviews to ensure that it meets the adoptive parents’ interests.

Provide Medical Payments for the Expectant Mother

In the contract, the prospective parents agree to cover the full cost of medical care for the mother. This includes postpartum care and neonatal services for the child. These individuals must pay for all doctor’s visits and all medication required for the mother. Once the baby is born, the mother surrenders the child to the adoptive parents.

Ensure That Parental Rights Are Terminated

During the adoption process, the biological mother must terminate her parental rights to the child. These rights entitle her to access of the child. If her rights aren’t terminated, she can take the adoptive parents to court to recover the child, which could entirely nullify the adoption.

Officiate the Adoption

The court schedules a hearing in which the adoption is officiated. The judge must review all contracts and documents for the adoption to ensure all legal steps were followed. They must also determine if any name changes will occur. Once finalized, the adoptive parents become the legal parents of the child.

In Florida, prospective parents undergo the adoption process to become legal parents. They may choose a young child at an orphanage or acquire an arrangement with an expectant mother. The adoption agency provides the parents with a contract to secure the child. Prospective parents considering adoption should contact an adoption attorney in Lake Land, FL through Gregg S. Kamp, P.A. or visit him online today.

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