Get a Better Understanding Your Lemon Law Rights in Wisconsin

Lemon Law in Wisconsin provides essential protections for customers who purchase a new automobile. A Wisconsin Lemon Law attorney can help you understand your rights and the steps you need to follow to protect them.

If you purchase a new motor vehicle with severe defects that impact its use, your safety, or the vehicle’s value, you may have a lemon. You might be entitled to a full refund.

Your Wisconsin Lemon Law attorney can help you if the dealer has tried and failed to fix the defect after four attempts. If your vehicle has suffered a defect that is covered by a warranty and the car is out of service for more than 30 days during the first year that you own it, it might be a lemon.

Another way Wisconsin classifies lemon vehicles is one that suffers a severe problem that is covered by warranty. The dealership attempts to repair it during the first year of ownership, but the problem does not disappear.

If your vehicle meets the qualification of a lemon, the dealership should provide you with a new car comparable to the one you purchased or should refund you the price of the vehicle, license fees, taxes, etc. The Lemon Law allows for a use deduction for the amount of time you used the car.

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