Get the Compensation You Deserve with an Accident Lawyer in Fort Collins

Whether intentional or accidental, a person’s negligent or reckless behavior can have serious consequences on innocent people. This is especially dangerous behavior when it takes place on the road. There are many drivers that disregard the rules of the road or even drive while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. These actions can cause accidents that can lead to serious injuries or even death. An accident lawyer in Fort Collins can help those injured in these accidents.

Texting and Driving

When driving, it is important to keep one’s focus on the road and other drivers. Unfortunately, many people are often using their cellphones to talk or text while they drive. This distracts them from the road and can cause serious accidents. Distracted drivers cause many serious and even deadly accidents every year. These negligent drivers should be held responsible for all costs of these accidents. An accident lawyer in Fort Collins will pursue claims against these drivers and help get the compensation needed.

Drugs and Alcohol

One of the most deadly combination is driving while under the influence of drugs and alcohol. Nearly 50 percent of all deadly accidents are caused by impaired drivers. These drivers should be held accountable for their actions. Not only should these drivers face criminal charges for their actions, they should also pay any and all costs of the injuries or deaths caused by their dangerous behavior. A lawyer is trained in helping those hurt by these drivers to get the compensation they deserve for the damages caused.

Motorcycle Accidents

Another major problem on the roadways are people who pay no regard for those driving motorcycles. Many vehicle drivers do not give motorcycle drivers the same consideration they would other vehicles. Often, these drivers will cutoff and drive dangerously around motorcycles. This behavior can often cause an accident. Motorcyclists are at a higher risk of serious injury or even death from a relatively minor accident. When vehicle drivers are negligent and cause these accidents, they should be held responsible.

There are many types of accidents that are caused by one or more people being careless or even reckless in their behavior. It is important that these people be held accountable for their actions. Visit the website for more information or to get help with a case.