Here’s Why A Pedestrian Might Need An Accident Attorney in Greenbelt

by | Aug 2, 2019 | Lawyers


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In the blink of an eye, a person can go from trying to cross a street to needing an Accident Attorney in Greenbelt. There are many dangers that pedestrians have to be aware of while they are navigating the streets. If a person isn’t careful, they might end up severely injured by a careless driver.

Waiting After Light Changes

Any lawyer who works with the Jaklitsch Law Group knows that far too many people just start walking when a light indicates that they should cross the street. A pedestrian should never start to cross the street just because the light has changed, and they now have the right of way. It’s important to make sure that all traffic has stopped. A driver who is preoccupied with something else might not even notice that the light has changed.

Parking Lots

Pedestrians also have to be careful in parking lots. A driver in a rush to get the closest parking space to the store might not see someone who is walking in the parking lot. A driver who is yelling at their children might also be too distracted to notice pedestrians. If a person wants to avoid needing an Accident Attorney in Greenbelt, they will always pay attention to their surroundings while in parking lots.

Walking At Night

Anyone who is walking while it is dark outside needs to understand that drivers might not see them. A pedestrian should pay attention to the lighting in the area. Are the street lights working? If there is lighting, is it enough to adequately illuminate the area? If there aren’t any sidewalks available, a pedestrian should walk so that they are facing the traffic. By doing so, they will be able to see any vehicles that could strike them.

A car doesn’t have to be traveling very fast to seriously injure a pedestrian. People have to be careful while walking around traffic. Anyone who is injured in an accident should get immediate medical attention and consult with an attorney when they feel up to it. An attorney can help an injured person with all the steps needed to get compensation.

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