Hire a Brain Injury Lawyer in Fort Collins for a Proper Recovery

Brain injuries are any head injury that causes internal damage. They can be caused mechanically (by a sharp blow to the head) or through a bacterial or viral infection. Brain injuries may be mild or severe, and effects can recur or last indefinitely. A brain injury can result in motor function loss and emotional or neurological disorders.

Common Brain Injury Causes

Brain injuries happen for a variety of reasons, and the cause typically determines the nature of a subsequent legal claim. If a person sustains a brain injury due to another person’s actions, the victim together with their brain injury lawyer in Fort Collins may be able to recover damages. Common brain injury causes include:

*      Medical malpractice. Doctors and other professionals may be held responsible if a breach of standard care causes a person’s brain injury.

*      Slip and fall. These events can cause significant injury to the spinal cord, neck, head and brain. Premises owners can be held liable for failure to fix dangerous condition of their property.

*      Dangerous activity. Some recreational activities involve a serious risk of harm, and most claims involve negligence on the defendant’s part.

*      Auto accidents. Many brain injuries are caused by auto crashes; this is particularly true for specialty vehicles and motorcycles.

*      Product liability. A defective product can cause brain injuries, especially if the product contains hazardous substances or is ingested.

Documenting Brain Injuries

Brain injuries can be hard to prove because their effects may not appear until long after an incident. Therefore, it’s important to thoroughly document injuries as they occur. Documentation should include dates, witnesses’ names and contact info.

Legal Remedies for Brain Injury

The legal remedy in these cases is monetary damages, which allow the victim to recover from injury-related losses. For instance, a defendant may have to compensate a victim for medical bills, court costs and lost wages. Some jurisdictions have limits on damage recovery, especially in cases of medical malpractice. Other areas put limits on punitive damages and those given for pain and suffering.
Contact a Lawyer for Brain Injury Claims Assistance

If a person suffers losses related to brain injury, they should visit  to talk to a personal injury attorney right away. The lawyer can advise the client on the appropriate course of action, and they can provide courtroom representation if necessary. Every jurisdiction has different laws, and it’s important to consult a brain injury lawyer in Fort Collins for specific concerns.