Hiring An Attorney In Fort Wayne, IN To Fight A DUI Charge

In Indiana, all drivers are prohibited from operating a vehicle if they are intoxicated. The choice to drive while in this altered state could result in a DUI charge. All law enforcement officers have the right to require chemical testing if the driver is suspected of a DUI. The driver gives their consent by choosing to drive while under the influence. An attorney in Fort Wayne IN can help these drivers facing a DUI charge.

Reviewing the Penalties for DUI

The first DUI offense in Indiana requires a jail sentence of at least sixty days and could incur a maximum of one year. The fines associated with this charge start at $500 and expand up to $5,000. The driver could lose their driving privileges for up to two years. They may also be required to attend a treatment program for alcoholism.

The second conviction requires a jail sentence with a mandatory jail sentence of no less than five days in county lockup. The individual could serve up to three years for this conviction. The fine associated with the charge is $10,000. The driver’s license suspension is a minimum of one hundred eighty days. However, the court could suspend them for two years.

The third conviction requires the individual to remain in custody for at least ten days. They could service up to three years for this conviction. The fines won’t exceed $10,000. The driver’s license could be suspended for up to ten years. The driver must install an ignition interlocking device in their vehicle.

How Far Can the Court Look Back on the Criminal Records?

The court can review the criminal record up to a period of ten years. Any previous conviction in ten years could result in an increased charge. More than two convictions in a five year period could result in a felony DUI charge.

In Indiana, all drivers are restricted from driving while intoxicated. Any driver with a blood-alcohol content reading of at least 0.08 percent is guilty of a DUI. If convicted, they face all criminal penalties that apply to their charge. Drivers who are facing a DUI charge should Contact A Arrested Hotline to hire an attorney in Fort Wayne today.