How Are the Services of an Injury Lawyer Brockton Paid for?

A person who has been injured due to another person’s negligence is often entitled to compensation for their injuries, but it can be difficult for them to obtain that compensation without help. In many cases, the person ends up settling for an amount much lower than what they are entitled to simply because they are worried about the cost of an injury lawyer. The reality is, this is one cost they shouldn’t be worried about at all.

The reasoning behind personal injury laws is that the person who was injured shouldn’t have to pay for their own injuries because they did not cause them. If it wasn’t for the at-fault person’s actions or lack of actions, the victim wouldn’t have been injured at all. This is how they are able to obtain compensation for all of their injuries and expenses related to the incident, which also includes the legal fees necessary for the person to obtain the compensation. This means they don’t have to worry about paying for the injury lawyer in Brockton at all as it will be part of the settlement they receive.

When a person is able to receive a settlement because they hired a lawyer, the lawyer will include the legal fees in the settlement amount requested. The settlement is often sent to the lawyer, who takes their fees and sends the remainder to their client. This way, the lawyer is paid out of the settlement amount and the person still receives an adequate amount to cover all of their expenses. The worry for most people, however, is what happens if they don’t receive a settlement. In these cases, the lawyer isn’t going to receive a payment at all. It’s either part of the settlement or isn’t paid in most cases.

If you’ve been injured because of negligence and you’d like to hire an injury lawyer in Brockton, paying the lawyer shouldn’t be a concern. Talk to a lawyer who will accept your case on a contingency basis, which is the type of payment arrangement discussed here. For more information on how payments work or to hire a lawyer immediately, contact the Law Office of Bruce S. Raphel, PC today.