Is Chapter 7 the Right Choice for You and Your Family in Tallahassee, AL.?

by | Mar 19, 2020 | Lawyers


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If you and your family are repeatedly having a hard time making ends meet, then Chapter 7 bankruptcy may be the help that you need. While it will stay on your record for seven years, you and your loved ones have the chance to get a fresh start.

One of the questions that you should explore with a Chapter 7 bankruptcy attorney in Tallahassee, AL. is if you have an income stream, property, or a modest or better car that creditors might want to come after. If you do not, then you are judgment-proof and Chapter 7 bankruptcy is probably not for you.

The next issue that you need to explore with a Chapter 7 bankruptcy attorney in Tallahassee, AL. is if enough of your debt will be discharged to help you. There are several items including student debt, child support, and taxes that cannot be dismissed. Court judgments against you for harm caused while drunk driving is still your responsibility. If you have recently purchased any luxury items, then you will have to pay for those. Generally, it is up to the judge if debt incurred through writing bad checks, theft, malicious injury to another, or divorce decrees can be included in the dismissed debt.

Another issue that you need to discuss with your Chapter 7 lawyer is how much property you must give up. For the most part, you can keep reasonable clothing, some vehicles, appliances, pensions, and social security. You may also be able to keep part of the equity in your home.

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