Learn How to Fight Your DWI Case

by | May 9, 2019 | Lawyers


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Driving under the influence is a serious crime. If you are convicted of this offense, you could spend time in jail and pay hefty fines. Obviously, you want to avoid this at all costs. The best way to beat a DWI case is to retain a DWI attorney San Antonio TX. However, there are also some things you can do at the scene of the stop to strengthen your case. Use these tips if you are ever stopped by police for a DWI investigation.

Don’t Talk

The first thing police want you to do is to talk about the situation. They are hoping you will slip up and tell them you had something to drink before driving. You should know that you do not need to speak to police. In fact, the only things you should mention are your name and address. Anything else is not legally required. The reason to remain silent is clear; statements can be used as evidence. It’s not your job to make the job of law enforcement any easier. You are innocent until proven guilty. Don’t add to any evidence already against you by stating something that the officer can interpret as a sign of guilt.

Reject All Tests

You should always refuse to do any field sobriety or breathalyzer tests. These tests only serve to build up evidence against you. Scientifically speaking, they may not even be accurate. Field sobriety tests are known to give false positives. Depending on your health, it may be impossible for you to pass even if you’re sober. Yet, police will use the failure of such tests to establish probable cause for a DWI. The same goes with breathalyzer tests. These machines have been known to produce non-accurate results in the past. There’s no reason why this won’t happen in your case. Save yourself the trouble and refuse to do any testing, even if police threaten you or use coercive tactics.

Whenever you are involved in a DWI you should call an attorney as soon as possible. Get help from a DWI attorney San Antonio TX by calling the Law Office of Jesse Hernandez or by visiting jessehernandezlaw.com.

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