Essential Considerations for a Friend or Relative Regarding the Bail Process in Forney, TX

by | May 9, 2019 | Bail Bonds


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When someone wants to help a loved one be released from jail while the case is ongoing, the individual must learn how the bail process in Forney, TX works. Paying cash bail is the easiest option, and the money is refunded when the case ends as long as the defendant appears in court as required. If the bail is higher than what the person feels comfortable paying, obtaining a surety bond from a licensed agency is another possibility. The fee for that service is substantially less, but it is not refunded.

An Essential Consideration

Although this close friend or family member may be determined to do whatever it takes to secure the loved one’s release, there is one essential consideration regarding the bail process in Forney, TX. Is it possible that the defendant would flee instead of appearing in court? This is commonly referred to as bail jumping.

If the Defendant Runs Away

A judge now may issue another warrant for the defendant’s arrest. Full cash bail becomes due, and the court looks to the bonding agency to pay it. If the customer who signed the paperwork has assets to contribute, the agency may be able to put a lien on a mortgage, vehicle title, or other valuables. The agency may already have required an asset to be put up as collateral for the bond, which puts the particular asset at risk of being lost.

The court may give the bonding agency and its customer a specific amount of time to find and bring the person back. In that case, the bail is not demanded, but the defendant will likely be returned to jail to wait for a case outcome.

Getting Answers

It becomes clear why the person must be absolutely certain the defendant is trustworthy. Facing conviction of a criminal offense and possible prison time is scary. Nevertheless, a very large majority of people who are out on bail or bond do appear in court as scheduled, even if they are guilty of the offense and know that a prison term is a distinct possibility. Contact us at AAA Bail Bonds if you have questions about the process.

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