Personal Injury Lawyers in Virginia Beach, VA: Helping Clients to Identify the True Extent of Their Damages

by | Oct 19, 2016 | Lawyers


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No matter how someone sustains an injury it still takes time and costs money for people to recover. The damage to the person not only harms them but everyone in their life. This includes friends and family as well as employers and coworkers. Many people that suffer injuries are happy just to have their medical bills covered or receive disability benefits for their lost income because they do not take the time to think about the total cost of their injury. Personal injury lawyers in Virginia Beach, VA experience this with many of their own clients. This is why they take the time to consult with them and remind them of the added expenses they forget to include.

• Parents spend extra on daycare costs or hiring help when they are too injured to care for children on their own.

• Transportation costs to drive to physical therapy or doctor visits and OTC medications are often not added to the overall medical expenses.

• Purchasing special equipment and supplies like bandages, slip-on footwear or installing support bars in the bathroom adds up over time.

• Business owners have higher payroll costs when they must have people fill in for them at their company.

• Car accident victims need to replace items damaged in the accident like their clothing and shoes, mobile devices and glasses or other personal belongings lost.

It is not always money that is lost, but time as well. Personal injury lawyers in Virginia Beach, VA also feel their clients should have compensation for the activities they are too injured to enjoy. This could include coaching a sports team, participating in a hobby or being able to go out with spouses and friends. Every settlement or judgment following a personal injury should include compensation for all of these losses.

This is why law firms like Price Perkins Larkin spend time with their clients to discuss the entire scenario. They do not want people to accept any offer that is presented and think that is the most they can do. It is the legal right of people to expect a reasonable repayment of what they have really lost when someone else was responsible for an accident. Contact an attorney to find out more about how the law protects accident victims in this manner.

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