Producing a Medical Malpractice Claim with Personal Injury Attorneys in Centralia, WA

In Washington, all medical doctors and nursing staff are held at a higher standard which indicates that they will provide high-quality health care for their patients. Under personal injury laws, a failure to provide this duty could present a medical malpractice. Personal injury attorneys in Centralia, WA help patients after an injury occurs.

Defining the Medical Error

The first task of a medical malpractice case is to identify the medical error. The error could equate to a failure to provide the correct medication. It could be an error produced by making the wrong choices during a surgical procedure. The nature of the medical error could determine how the case proceeds.

Proof of an Alternative Action

An assessment of the chosen action determines if an alternative choice was available. This could apply to testing choices that led to the wrong diagnosis. A doctor that refuses to use updated testing options is liable if an alternative method could have identified the condition earlier. They are liable for wrongful death if the patient died due to this inappropriate choice.

A Medical Witness

A doctor with the same credentials as the identified physician acts as a medical witness. They must assess the findings of the patient’s case in order to prove that the defendant made the wrong choice. They must also show how the victim’s injuries were produced during the procedure or as a result of negligence.

The Complete Medical Records for the Patient

The patient’s medical records are required for a medical malpractice case. These records should include the original treatment or surgical procedure, a well as any repairs made by a second doctor. If the victim died, the autopsy is needed to declare the exact cause of death. The medical witness must review these records before providing their testimony.

In Washington, all patients are ensured high-quality health care. Medical doctors must provide services based on the highest standards or face consequences. When a medical error occurs, the patients have the right to file a claim against the doctor. Patients that need help with a claim should hire personal injury attorneys in Centralia, WA or contact us right now.